28 thoughts on “The magacian”

  1. leo zhang says:


    1. audrey.lindamood says:

      You shouldn’t do it! You have no flippin reason!

    1. Brian yu says:

      whaat are you talking about

    2. Brian yu says:

      Go Die you noob

    1. Brian yu says:

      what do you mean?

  2. leo zhang says:

    listen to a song called lift yourself

  3. Brian yu says:

    I am awesome unlike you

  4. Brian yu says:

    I’m better than u in clash royale. buyeahbuyeahbuyeahbubuha

  5. kevin jia says:

    why can t you be so good at fornite

    1. Brian yu says:

      g00d s*e335ng

    2. Brian yu says:

      good spelling

  6. andrew guo says:

    Hi Brian,this is a
    ndrew sup?

  7. andrew guo says:

    talkin to miself

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